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Meditation 101 - Part 1 

Whether you’re about to meditate for the first or 100th time, it’s great to ask yourself these basic questions: What is meditation? Why meditate? and How do you do it?

As you explore these questions, as I have for the past 27 years, you'll find that there are many answers from many sources, including what may be the most valuable one: your own experience.  Without fail, the simple step of asking these questions can be a wonderful way to start or jumpstart your practice of meditation.

Part I of this post…

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Om Namah Shivaya from the Supreme Heart of Shiva  

Om, known to yogis as the primeval mantra, is said to be the first sound that emerges out of the supreme Silence. Similar to what quantum physicists are beginning to explain, all matter - both animate and inanimate is essentially composed of vibration, with the rate of vibration or different frequencies registering particular sounds. Om, or Aum, as it is sometimes written and pronounced is said to be the most basic sound vibration. As such, when chanted or heard, it has the power to return the repeater or…Read more