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Meditation 101 - Part 1 

Whether you’re about to meditate for the first or 100th time, it’s great to ask yourself these basic questions: What is meditation? Why meditate? and How do you do it?

As you explore these questions, as I have for the past 27 years, you'll find that there are many answers from many sources, including what may be the most valuable one: your own experience.  Without fail, the simple step of asking these questions can be a wonderful way to start or jumpstart your practice of meditation.

Part I of this post…

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Injury-Free Alignment for Your Hands and Wrists - Part #3 of our Yoga Basics Series 

Avoid pain and stress in the wrist joints

One of the main complaints when practicing yoga is pain in the wrists while holding poses such as downward-facing dog, handstand and any arm balances ~ any asana in which your body's weight on your wrists can caused injury if you're not careful.

The good news is that it only takes a bit of technique and strength in the fingers and arms to avoid collapsing all your weight onto your wrists.

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Part #2 of our Yoga Basics Series: Protecting the Knee Joints  

Aligning and protecting the knee joints:  

Knees are a hinge joint designed to bend and extend.  Any other action such as overextending or side to side movement of the joint will hurt the knee.  If you want to protect your knees, heal or prevent injury, pay close attention to how you align your knee with the rest of your body, especially the feet, and how you maintain that alignment while you are moving into, out of and holding the asana.


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Om Namah Shivaya from the Supreme Heart of Shiva  

Om, known to yogis as the primeval mantra, is said to be the first sound that emerges out of the supreme Silence. Similar to what quantum physicists are beginning to explain, all matter - both animate and inanimate is essentially composed of vibration, with the rate of vibration or different frequencies registering particular sounds. Om, or Aum, as it is sometimes written and pronounced is said to be the most basic sound vibration. As such, when chanted or heard, it has the power to return the repeater or…Read more

Welcome to the Yoga Basics Series 

Whether you're a beginner or intermediate practitioner, we'd like to invite you to go back to the basics.  In this blog series, we’ll share tips for building a safe and healthy yoga practice from the ground up. We'll explore what we mean by alignment in yoga; specific tips, key actions and benefits of yoga postures; and offer short yoga sequences to help you deepen your understanding of your body and yoga practice.

Setting the Foundation


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Hatha Yoga for the Mind, Body and Soul 

Hatha Yoga is a powerful practice that involves assuming different asanas, or postures, while remaining conscious of the cycle of breath. Its benefits extend from obvious bodily improvements, to mental peace and clarity. However, launching into a yoga practice without proper guidance can be dangerous, and poorly executed asanas can lead to injury. To reap the fruits of Hatha Yoga, it is important that your teacher is a seasoned veteran, not a new practitioner with a certification from a weekend course…Read more

Why Practice Yoga? 

I often refocus my intention as to why I practice and teach yoga. Contemplation keeps my practice fresh and avoids the traps of monotony and daily routine. I invite you contemplate the benefits of yoga in your life. A refreshed and vibrant intention will keep your practice filled with enthusiasm.

The following are some of the things I am focusing on this year:


Health and Wellbeing:

In the words of Yoga Master BKS Iyengar, “Yoga has a threefold impact on health. It keeps healthy people healthy, it

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